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About us

Turning a hobby into a serious business is not something we do lightly. We want to stand for something. That is something we
Turning a hobby into a serious business is not something we do lightly. We want to stand for something. That is something we as Volvo 340 Parts want to go for!
After years of driving pleasure in various Volvo 340s, 440, 740, now a 264GLE from 1980 and by tinkering ourselves, the idea arose after a long time to want to mean something to all enthusiasts, club members and drivers, but we also wanted to go broader by supply to dealers and garages. We now supply to approximately 3,500 regular customers, including garages and dealers at home and abroad, and all over the world.
Our company originated from the love and passion for the Volvo 300 series from the '70s to '91. Various models passed by. Consider the 343 that actually had to roll off the production line as a DAF, 345, and later also the 340 and 360 models in various versions. Cars that you see less and less these days and all too often the financial benefit is one of the main reasons for purchasing a Volvo from the 300 series. Usually because they are cars that are fun to drive, cars with character or because they give good memories of the young years of the past. The passion for these Volvos has now resulted in Volvo 340 Parts. However, we now sell parts for the DAF 30, 31, 32, 33, 44, 55, 66, YA66, Kalmar, Pony, but also parts for the Volvo series 66, 120, 130, 140, 164, 220, P1800, P210 , Amazon, PV, 240, 260, 440, 460, 480, 740, 760, 780, 850, 940, 960, C70, S40, S60, S70, S80, V50, V70, V70XC V90, XC70, XC90.
We are the only webshop where you can buy almost all conceivable Volvo 300 series parts online, so we are also unique in that respect. We mainly supply used, but also new and reconditioned parts. We work as follows. We dismantle according to a fixed procedure, completely under our own management. In addition, we have a step-by-step plan for checking and assessing all common components. We also test all parts that can be tested for function and correct operation. That will benefit you more and so will we. We would like you to be satisfied with the parts and to come back to us again for possible other or more parts. By doing just a little bit more without having to cost a lot extra, we strive for high customer satisfaction
Experience means knowing, so feel free to place your online order or ask your question by contacting us.
You can contact us by e-mail to [email protected], by telephone or via WhatsApp on 06-175 87 691 or by completing the contact form on our website under 'contact'.