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About us

Making a serious business of hobby, we do not just do that. We want to stand somewhere. That's something we want to go for as Volvo 340 Parts!

After years of fun in various Volvo 340's and by self-testing, after a long time, the idea has come to mean something for all lovers of club members and drivers, but we also wanted to broaden our delivery to dealers and garage companies. In the meanwhile, we supply around 1,000 regular customers including garages and dealers at home and abroad, all over the world.

In particular, the love and passion for the Volvo 300 series consisted of the '70s to '91. Several models came over. Think of the 343 that had to roll as DAF, 345, and later the 340 and 360 models in various versions. Cars that you see less and less often today, the financial advantage is not the main reason for getting a Volvo from the 300 series. Mostly because they are cars that give fun in driving, cars with character or because they give good memories to the young years of the past. The passion for the same cars has now resulted in Volvo 340 Parts.

We are the only webshop where you can buy almost all Volvo 300 Series components online, so we are unique in that respect. We supply mainly used, but also new and revised parts. We work as follows. We disassemble according to a fixed procedure, fully managed. In addition, we have a step-by-step plan for the control and assessment of all occurrences.
We also test all components that can be tested for operation and correct operation. There you are more and we too. We're very happy to be happy with the items and come back with us for possible other or more items. By doing just a little more without having to pay a lot more, we strive for a great customer satisfaction

Experienced is sure, so feel free to order your online order or ask your question by contacting us.

Contact us by e-mail to info@volvo340onderdelen.nl, by telephone or via WhatsApp on 06-175 87 691 or by filling out the contact form on our website under 'contact'.